Student Life

Student Life at Oxrose Academy is nourished through:

    • regular weekly "Tutor Times" that provide students and teachers a semi-formal environment outside of class to work on academics and visit, as well;
    • the small student body and frequent shared classes that allow students to develop intellectually and spiritually together;
    • school-wide activities, such as our annual Lenten Limerick Contest, this year's School of Athens/Schola of Heaven costume contest, raffles, and more;
    • special events like the Art Guild Gallery Night, Book Clubs, and Parent/Teacher meetings;
    • a class schedule that is heavy midweek and light on Mondays and Fridays to allow flexibility and encourage participation in coops or other local activities;
    • Spiritual Formation classes which focus on shared spiritual life and provide an opportunity for enriching friendships;
    • real world meet ups at youth events, college visits, summer camps, and family get-togethers - many students meet in the Academy and find ways to connect outside the school;
    • and the House System which fosters leadership, teamwork, and achievement by gathering the students into teams for service, virtue building, and academic challenge projects.  Houses compete annually for bragging rights and team honors.
All of these activities are meant to serve two goals: first, to enrich family culture and parish engagement, by guiding the students into action in their families and communities, and second, to foster relationships in the academy that are as whole and fully human as possible, without encouraging students to "live online" or allowing them to fall into the many ills of social media participation.  It is a challenging balance to keep, but necessary to ensure that our academy, though virtual, is an authentic society, with a real esprit de corps.
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