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Final Exams & Deadlines

Final Exams & Deadlines

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Konstantin Somov / Public domain

Behold! "The Door of Hope," ajar,
     And Freedom freely beckoning;
She bids you gaze upon a star,
     And veer not from your reckoning!

Notes & Reminders:

Don't miss the deadlines for work and exams.  THEY ARE FINAL!

Pay close attention to messaging and agendas this week for instructions and news from teachers.

The grade books will be updated this week so that all missing assignments and quizzes will count as zeros.  This will give you a more accurate picture of your current grades.  Reach out to teachers with questions right away.

Pray for each other and for your success.  Hope! And face these days of reckoning with courage!

God bless you and your work,
Mr. Rolling

Image: "Open Door on a Garden" by Konstantin Somov, public domain courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Poem: "Opportunity" by Raymond Dandridge