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Impersonate a Teacher Contest

Impersonate a Teacher Contest

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Impersonate a Teacher Contest!
You are invited to submit a video clip of yourself impersonating a teacher. 

File:Silly face (197325820).jpg

Clayton Parker from McCordsville, USA / CC BY-SA (

Here are the rules:
  1. Video clips must be no longer than 120 seconds.
  2. The spirit of the video must be in good fun.  Nothing cruel, vulgar, or insulting allowed.
  3. Videos are to be emailed to the academy at:, with the subject: "Video Contest"
  4. Deadline for submission is March 6, 2020
  5. The videos will be judged for the quality of the impersonation and for their comedic value.  Use costumes, real class content, etc.
  6. The prize for this contest will be a $25 gift card, a book of the impersonated teacher's choice, and a special gift from the teachers.

Thank you to all the teachers for being sporting and approving the contest--may the students be merciful!  

Best of luck to you all,
Mr. Rolling