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Grades, Transcripts, and Summer Extension

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        • Grading is complete and all grade books have been double checked. 
        • Please review your grade books and report any problems by the end of the day on Monday, 6/7/21.

        • The session will begin Monday June 7th and run through July 7th.
        • It is not too late to request an extension--send an email to to inquire.
        • If you have submitted an inquiry, you may expect a call shortly to get your student set up.

ADMIN PERIOD ~ Grading and Double Checking

by Admin User -
Please stand by as we finish grading, double check grade books, fix anomalies, and finish processing Summer Extension requests.
  • As soon as we are finished, I will announce it here and ask for notes in case of any error or oversight. 
  • Following this, we will finalize grades, produce transcripts, and open the Summer Session.
  • Note: Please direct all correspondence to the main email account:  The on site messaging is not monitored closely throughout the Summer.  Teachers have been off of messaging since the end of the grace period.
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