Our mission is “docere ut salventur” ~ education for salvation. We seek to aid each student and family to come closer to Christ by providing curricula steeped in Catholicism and grounded in Thomistic realism. We facilitate the gathering of local communities in charity to educate their children, and we create an online academic community of joyfully, orthodox teachers.

St. John Bosco


St. John Bosco is the patron of The Rolling Acres School. When we founded R.A.S., we chose to begin with 7th grade because this is often the age at which students, especially boys, do well to have accountability outside the home. We felt that if we received students beginning at this age, they would be more likely to continue their education at home through high school.

As we developed our mission and in our prayers for a patron, we were led to this Saint for his love and firm gentleness toward boys. He not only instructed boys, but worked with a girl's boarding school in Turin as well. He was often found helping local parishes and was greatly influential in teaching catechism.

Of final note, we chose to name our school "The Rolling Acres School", since the old family farm is called "Rolling Acres Farm." John Bosco grew up in the countryside and was throughout his life helping those in the country.

Notes about his symbols in the R.A.S. Logo

You can find a hound in the new R.A.S. logo, and this hound is in reference to our dear St. John Bosco. The rose is in honor of St. Rose Venerini and the Blessed Mother Mary. You may also find a tree in the Traditio Nostra shield. Since "bosco" means "woods" in Italian, we incorporated the tree. The eagle is from the "aquino" in Thomas Aquinas' name, and the hills are for the "Rolling Acres Farm."  The school house calls to mind the old, one-room school, which kept education local in a way we hope to replicate in some way with our online academy.

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