CC Overview

Classical Curriculum

Rolling Acres School's curriculum reflects the classical and medieval model of the trivium—grammar, logic, and rhetoric—and quadrivium—arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy—, as well as the traditions of great books discussion. We offer classical courses for Middle School and High School students in seven different course categories, and provide economic enrollment bundles for those wishing to take more than one class.

Course Categories

Great Books and Literature

Students read primary works from Catholic & Western Civilization and discuss them in a round-table format, thus joining in the "Great Conversation." Students learn to read, listen, speak, relish, and explore the true, good, and beautiful things that "our tradition" has to offer. The conversations engage with the history of ideas in a dynamic and classical way and help students know why the truth is as it is.


Students learn the Latin language and advanced grammar skills, studying  the parts and pieces of Latin language, which is the first leg of the mediaeval trivium. Latin also opens up the student to the living language of the Church and Her vast library of contributing authors.

Logic, Rhetoric and More

The "three ways" or Trivium are the language arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  Grammar is covered in Latin.  In Logic students learn the art of expressing correct reasoning using grammar.  In Rhetoric students learn the art of communicating "well."  In Methods & Division of the Sciences students are oriented toward the use of these tools in the pursuit of wisdom.


Students learn to speak and read German.  Its complexity rivals that of Latin and its literature and philosophy are immensely important for modernity.


Students learn to speak and read French. The literature and philosophy of France are of special importance to modern thought.

Philosophy & Theology

Our "school of philosophy" courses seek to offer guidance in the pursuit of wisdom, the most important purpose to which the tools of the trivium can be applied.


Our experimental science courses cover scientific methodology in practice, and introduce the student to the basic concepts for various disciplines of science.


Our Literature courses introduce students to works of literature of a particular author or topic.

Additional Enrollment Options

Enroll ONE student in three LIVE classes at a discounted rate.  The student may choose 1 course from each of the following  course types:

  • Literature, 
  • Trivium Studies or Philosophy
  • Latin

Additional electives included.  See listings below for class times and suggested age ranges.

Gives a student access to self-paced, parent-supervised courses. The student may enroll in 1 course from each of the following course types:

  • Literature
  • Trivium Studies
  • Latin

Additional Electives included. Live class, tutor times, and grading are not included.