Book Lists
List updated on August 1, 2020

All Live Classes

Computer and Internet

  • Students will be required to have regular access to a computer with internet speeds that allow for video streaming and video conferencing.


  • A headset with both earphones and a microphone is required.  We recommend large, over-ear headsets because the sound blocking is very helpful when noisy siblings are about!
  • Choose one of the following or a similar alternative:

PDF Capability:

  • Students are required to scan or photograph (e.g. with a phone) homework and and then upload it in PDF format.
  • Take steps to be sure you have the hardware and software needed and that you know how to use it.

Great Books

GB Primer: Introduction to Great Books  (7th)

GB 1: Ancient & Classical Times  (8th)

  • Ancient & Classical Times Workbook
  • A Bible is required, but the student may use one that you already have.  Alternatively, you may purchase one since it will be required for GB 2 next year.  Use the link below.

GB 2: The Christian Age  (9th)

GB 3: Modern Times  (10th)

GB 4: The American Idea  (11th)

GB 5: Return to Tradition  (12th)


History Primer: Origins of World Cultures  (7th)

History 1: Ancient & Classical Times  (8th)

History 2: The Christian Age  (9th)

History 3: Modern Times  (10th)

History 4: A History of North America  (11th)

History 5: World History  (12th)


Composition Primer (7th)

  • None.

Composition 1 (8th)

  • None.

Composition 2 (9th)

  • None.

Composition 3 (10th)

  • None.

Composition 4 (11th)

  • None

Composition 5 (12th)

  • None


TPT Primer: Intro to Logic (7th)

TPT 1: Formal Logic (8th)

TPT 2: Advanced Logic & Rhetoric (9th)

TPT 3: Nature, Man, & Science (10th)

TPT 4: Natural Theology & Law (11th)

TPT 5: Revealed Theology (12th)


Latin Primer: Intro to Latin  (7th)

LL 1: Latin I  (8th)

LL 2: Latin II  (9th)

LL 3: Latin III  (10th)

Latin 4-5: Intensive Reading  (11th-12th)


Grammar 1  (8th)

Grammar 2  (9th)


French 1  (Elective)

French 2  (Elective)


German 1  (Elective)

German 2  (Elective)

German 3  (Elective)


Math 7/6  (7th)

Math 8/7  (8th)

Math: Algebra  (9th)

Math: Geometry  (10th)

Spiritual Formation

SF Primer: Catechism in Review  (7th)

SF 1: Praying the Old Testament  (8th)

SF 2: Praying the New Testament  (9th)

SF 3: Sacramental Life  (10th)

Experimental Science

ES Primer: Intro to Biology  (7th)

ES 1: Intro to Geology & Astronomy  (8th)

ES 1: Intro to Chemistry & Physics  (8th, home study only)

ES 2: High School Biology  (9th)

ES 3: High School Physics  (10th)