The Admissions Process

Assessment and Placement
Before you enroll at Oxrose Academy, complete the following steps to ensure you understand the nature of the Academy.
Once you have decided to move forward with enrollment, these are the steps:
    • Contact the Headmaster to determine placement, as needed
    • Review the Schedule and Calendar for the year.
    • Choose the class times that fit best. Several classes have more than one section.
    • Enroll in classes
    • Await contact from the Academy - follow-up questions to ensure student records are up-to-date for the coming year
Once you are cleared by administration, there are a few things to do before the start of school.
    • Order Books and Supplies
    • Mark Orientation Week on your calendar
    • Watch email for any important announcements close to the start of school
If you have questions along the way, always remember to contact the Headmaster.