Middle School Courses

Integrated Approach vs. Subjects:
Rolling Acres School curriculum exceeds the goals of most Middle School humanities programs; however, our integrated approach means that there is not a direct one-to-one correlation with curricula that utilize a division by "subjects." Nonetheless, we offer this table to help plan for your academic needs and to craft your transcripts to fulfill state requirements. We recommend the following courses for grades 7–9.
Subject 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade
English/Language Arts Traditio Nostra 1
(literature and composition);
TS 1: Logic
(language arts)
Traditio Nostra 2
(literature and composition);
TS 2: Rhetoric
(language arts)
Traditio Nostra 3
(literature and composition);
TS 3: Methods & Divisions of the Sciences
(language arts)
Science Intro to Biology Intro to Geology &
Intro to Astronomy
Intro to Chemistry &
Intro to Physics
TS 3: Methods & Divisions of the Sciences
History/Social Studies Traditio Nostra 1
(Ancient & Classical Times)
Traditio Nostra 2
(The Christian Age)
Traditio Nostra 3
(Modern Times)
Classical & Foreign Languages LL 1: Latin One;
German 1;
French 1
LL 2: Latin Two;
German 2;
French 2
LL 3: Latin Three;
German 3;
French 3

Notes about Traditio Nostra

  • Courses include literature and composition components
  • Independent Study Course in History is included with each enrollment
  • Concepts covered in the "great books" readings focus upon the history of ideas
  • Courses can be taken in any order

Notes about Trivium Studies

  • Courses teach students how to use the building blocks of lanuage to formulate true and accurate statements
  • TS1 and TS2 compliment science because they deal in proof, validity, argumentation, and identifying fallacies

Notes about Languages

  • All language courses focus upon the mastery of English grammar
  • Currently we only offer a Live class for Latin One, Latin Two, and Latin Three