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All Saints / All Souls Holiday

All Saints / All Souls Holiday

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A Very Blessed All Saints and All Souls to you All!

The School is closed October 28 to November 1.  
On behalf of all the teachers, I wish you a holiday that provides a chance to catch up,  a chance to get some rest, and most importantly a chance to get spiritually renewed.  
Please keep the school and your teachers in your prayers.

A Few Notes:

  • ON BREAK: School is closed so there are no schoolwork, classes, or tutor times this week.
  • DUE DATES: Homework dates don't include the break in calculating deadlines.  The grace period ends after two weeks of in school time.
  • NO MESSAGING: Teachers are asked to NOT be available via messaging over the break.  We want them to have a break and come back rested.  Don't be worried if they don't respond this week.
  • CONTACT: If there is some urgent matter, please email me.
  • HEADS UP: Don't forget to look ahead and be ready for exams.
  • WEBSITE DOWN: The school website will be down for some regular maintenance this week.