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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

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  • Tutoring, messaging, and classes begin again this Monday, April 29th.  
  • Don't forget to start course work before then so you are ready for classes next week. 
  • Everyone should be looking ahead to final exams right away: How can you begin getting ready now?
  • GO TO TUTOR TIME - Your teachers are waiting there to help you with all your problems!
  • Only three weeks to go - Work hard and do well!
  • In the comments, find the entries for the Limerick contest.  The winner will be announced this week.
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Limerick Entries

by Kenneth Rolling -
Here are all the entries in Limerick Contest.  I post them here for your enjoyment.  The winner will be announced during our first week back.  Best, Mr. Rolling

Catherine K.

One fine evening, on a Friday in Lent,

Two fishermen got up and went

To the grand river

To fetch some fish dinner,

And doing just that, the evening they spent!

Isaiah W.

There once was a family in lent

Who found all their money was spent 

They ate lots of Luda Fisk

Despite the known health risk

And saved enough money for rent

Julianna B.

"This is the meatless season of Lent,"

Said an unholy man called Mr. Kent.

"Hence I will buy some wine

And on fish I will dine."

Now Mr. Kent was not a penitent.

Elise T. 

There once was a girl who cooked fish,

And put them in an irregular dish,

But because of a tick,

She lay in her bed sick

And Lent went on without fish.

Sammi H. 

I’d like a chocolate bunny that’s filled with honey

One that talks and is really funny.

But I’d rather have money than a bunny

To give to the poor without frocks.

Sofia D.

There once was a fish named pent

Who liked to celebrate lent

One day he was caught

He knew and he thought

That he would dinner in lent

Cecilia dR.

There were two kids who didn't like fish,

They hated every part of the dish,

But since it was Lent,

Their will was bent,

So they ate every part of some fish.

Gus H.

There once was a woman from Kent

Who tried oh so hard for Lent

To give up her snack of fish,

But could not resist the dish.

So back to the seafood she went.

Margaret A.

There once was a fish named Kent,

who served dinner one Friday in Lent.

He served ham, roast, and steak

and with that a scrumptious cake,

He was not know a self serving gent.

Maximilian S.

This lent I should have fasted 

But I was flabbergasted 

With just fish on my plate

I lost so much weight

Next year I think i'll past it.

Elizabeth W.

There were faithful men who were wishing

To lay down their feasts and take fishing.

Their intentions were Lent

That they may repent

To their Lord, who was partial to fishing.

Constantine S.

I once saw a Jesus fish on a car

That reminded me just how far

We'd gotten in lent

I'd better repent

Shouldn't have set such a high bar

Gabriella B.

Jejunium stood silently.

Ned shouted, "A dish of goby!"

Monsieur said, "Escargo!"

Conseil pleaded, "No!"

Jejunium cried, "O Spare me!"

Aaron L. 

"now it is lent and it is time to fast

time to abstain from my meaty repast 

tis time to make fish

my main Friday dish

and now to make meat a thing of the past

Maria W.

Hello, my name is Bob.

And banks I like to rob.

I rob people’s fish.

To put them on a dish.

This Lenten times a job.

Josiah W.

There once was a leprechaun with an orange beard.

Fought a snake that looks so weird.

It struck him with a sound like slish.

He struck it back with rotten fish.

Then lent as we know it disappeared.

Kolbe S.

There once was a fish who dreaded Lent,

And rightly so for his life was spent.

One fine Lent morning,

His brothers were mourning;

For he had eaten a worm from Kent.

Grace M.

During Lent we eat much fish

And not do many things we wish

But instead we fast

And not look downcast

And not fill up our beautiful dish

Claire S.

There once was a fish named Ben 

Who was swimming about one day when

Upon biting a bug

From his lake he was tugged 

“Sorry,” the man shrugged, “it’s Lent”.

David M.

There once was a boy made of pine 

Who decided to fish by the Rhine 

The wretched fish

Made a horrible dish

And now all he does is whine

Annabel M.

This Lent I have seen so much grace,

eating fish as I run life's race.

And so now that Lent's done,

I sure hope I have won

that chocolate the size of my face!

Margaux R.

Fish dealer hangs his Lenten sign, all new.

Says he, "Fish is a sign of penance, too!”

Outside Shoemaker's hole

It reads, "We'll save your sole

And we will also gladly dye for you!"

Mary M.

Before he rose, people were sad,

but after lent, people were glad.

All were happy, even the fish 

for they won't be Friday's dish.

And at last, He's in heaven with His Dad.

Clara G.

Deep in the sea there lived a bass, 

Every day he would go to mass, 

because it was Lent,

he would go to repent, 

and all his sins would finally pass.

Joseph P.

The Fisher of men raised high on the cross,

All people He seeks, no pain is a loss,

Thus fasting we sing,

And hard hearts do bring,

To present to Him love, free from all dross.

Sofia D.

there once was a fish named pent

who was born in the season of lent

one day he was caught

and he knew and he thought

that he would be dinner in lent

Joshua W

Once in the great, deep depth of the sea

There were fish saying "Don't eat me!"

But since it still was Lent,

The people were quite bent,

On eating fish soufflé supreme!

Marie M.

There once was a fish, whose name was Brent,

He was naughty, and did not repent.

He nipped at a bait,

Which led to his fate,

And was served at a fish fry in Lent.

Joseph B.

There was a chocolate rabbit.

And I thought, “I just gotta have it!”

I like contests in Lent.

Fish have an unusual scent.

My poem is tiring, so that’s it!

Carmela S.

This holy season is Lent,

D’you think it’s a time to repent?

I don’t know but I wish,

I didn’t have to eat fish,

For my stomach by now is well spent.

Elise T.

There once was a girl who cooked fish,

And put them in an irregular dish,

But because of a tick,

She lay in her bed sick,

And Lent went on without fish.

Nicole G.

All the way through Lent

A few men and their wives spent

All of their money on fish

For their daily Lenten dish

So they couldn't pay their rent.

Aidan S.

There Once Was a Boy who Loved to Fish. 

But he was Really Bad at making a dish. 

So during Lent he used rye. 

Which Made Him Cry. 

So He fried them instead. 

Violet M.

"Who is this hanging here wounded and worn?

Who is this wearing a crown of thorn?

Mary is weeping,

The sky is deepening,

As dark clouds of thunder do form."

Anthony D.

There once was a boy who did wonder,

“Which would rather be the harder?

A boy during Lent,

trying to do what he’s meant,

or a fish who abstains from his water.”

Florent R.

Here we see a old gentleman's thoughts during Mass... and he's given up fishing for Lent.

A gent, he found himself wishing

That he could for a while go fishing

Stuck in Mass, poor gent

If it weren't for Lent

I’m sure, he’d already be dishing

Noël M.

To Lent some would turn up their nose 

They'd rather spend time with their bros,

Than eat fish and abstain,

They'd much rather complain

Bout' how TV canceled their shows.

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Re: Limerick Entries

by Noel Meyer -

Lol I was just scrolling through this frantically trying to find my limerick 

Guess I should've started from the bottom XD

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Re: Limerick Entries

by Nicole Giannakas -

I love everyone's limericks! 

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Re: Limerick Entries

by Mary McNally -

Yeah, Their all really nice!