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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

by Admin User -
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Summer is upon us!  Huzzah! 

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May God bless your Summers with song, mirth, and much sunshine!
Thank you for another great year.  We will see you in the Fall!
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Re: Summer Vacation

by John Paul Clark -

Thank you! I hope to see you all in the summer. We’re did have more than enough sunshine here (90-somethingerather degrees worth) and for song, well everyones goin’ around singin’ something these days. :)

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Re: Entering RAS 2018!

by John Paul Clark -

Mr. Rolling, my younger brother has decided to enter RAS this year.....                                                                          

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Re: Summer Vacation

by Matthew Linde -

Hello, All!

I would like to thank Mr. Rolling, Mr. Meyer and all of you who have made these last two years so great!  I am so grateful to have gotten to know you all, even if only in a small way.  I wish you all well in your future.  God bless you all!


Matthew Linde

Never lose hope and never give up the fight!  

May your swords stay sharp!