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Week 16 ~ The Quiet

Week 16 ~ The Quiet

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“The silence of everyday life is an indispensable condition for living with others. Without the capacity for silence, man is incapable of hearing, loving, and understanding the people around him. Charity is born of silence. It proceeds from a silent heart that is able to hear, to listen, and to welcome. Silence is a condition for otherness and a necessity if one is to understand himself. Without silence, there is neither rest nor serenity nor interior life. Silence is friendship and love, interior harmony and peace. Silence and peace have one and the same heartbeat.” —Robert Cardinal Sarah, Power of Silence, Chapter 1

Despite the busyness from our academic and familial obligations, we all—students, instructors, and parents—must find time for silence, even if it is but a moment.  Let us make it our goal to find some time each day this week for the quiet, for silence.

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Re: Week 16 ~ The Quiet

by John Paul Clark -

For a little while now, every day I’ve always been taking a 30 minuet walk in the woods sometimes it’s snowy, sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s plain cold, but it’s always peaceful, just me, the woods, and God.

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Re: Week 16 ~ The Quiet

by Mary Jo Clark -

Thank that is a beautiful habit! I would like to do that more often, it is so wonderful! Just to be outside, where you fell that you could do anything. For God is leading the way for you. And you feel as if you can ulmost see His footprints in the snow. 

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Re: Week 16 ~ The Quiet

by Grace Olivia Weaver -

That's a really good habit to get into John Paul.  And MaryJo I loved the way you said that!