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This course, following the division between natural and revealed theology covered in Trivium Studies 3, considers the divine by means of the natural abilities that man possesses. We will consider the nature and knowability of God; God's attributes; and God's Law and its knowability; the basis for natural law. The overarching goal is to look closely at what we can know, reasonably contend, or suspect in mystery about the Divine, basing our activity upon those gifts that we possess, naturally, as humans. We will make use of the writings of some of St. Thomas' contemporary interpreters as well as those of St. Thomas himself.

This is intended as our introductory high school course in systematic theology because it focuses upon what is best known to man by nature as a preparation for understanding the more profound truths that God teaches us in Divine Revelation. It prepares the student to more fully grasp and appreciate the implications of the Gospel of Christ.