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Mother Cabrini

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Today is the memorial of Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini
Among her many accomplishments, as the first canonized American citizen, was the erecting of schools. 
Please join me in asking for her prayers for all of us here at the school.
Mother Cabrini, pray for us!

Welcome Back!

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Reminders for this week:

  • Great Books instructors do not have their regular tutor times this week.  Please bring your questions to class or send them a message.  Instructors include Miss Delaney, Mr. Sparks, Mrs. Church, and Mr. Rolling.
  • Only three weeks until Thanksgiving Break so get right into the swing of things!
  • Recall that the break time is not included in calculating homework deadlines.  Please get any late work from units 8 or 9 in this week. 
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